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Portraits by the river Cherwell.

The joy of being a freelance photographer is you get such a mix of jobs. So it's Thursday evening and here I am setting up my lights at the Cherwell boathouse for an end of term party. The guests are lovely, highy intelligent people but really don't want there photos taken ( shit but that's what I've been hired for 😱) so this is where as a photographer you have to earn your money ( you can't be shy when your doing these gigs you have to perform). Then out of the blue some old classic Oxford eccentrics ( you know the type they can't boil an egg without burning there house down, but can split the atom of a fleas buttock) " do fleas have buttocks 🤔 anyway they have decided to take 90 year old grandma for a lovely punt down the Cherwell (yeah I know) they smash there punt boat into the moorings with the grace of hippos on ice ( now that's a photo) gradma is now on her back in a boat taking in water,so me and another guy help the poor old dear off the boat. Meanwhile one of the other old ladies falls like a sack of 💩and hurts her wrist, its like a scene from a 70s com. Anyway we get the old girl off the boat and all fine. 

We all like to people watch,as a photographer it puts you in situations to become involved in people's live for just a short time.

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