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My favourite part of a wedding day " The getting ready shots"

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is watching and capturing the beauty and drama that all wedding days bring. The day is split up photographically into about eleven sections

1: Location and detail shots.

2: Bride getting ready

3: Groom getting and fun shots with Groomsmen.

4: Guests arriving

5: Ceremony

6: Group shots

7: Bride & Groom shots

8: Speeches

9: Cutting of cake

10: First dance

11: Party shots

My favourite part of the day is the getting ready shots and here is why. There is an excitement and nervous energy that will always bring peoples guard down and allows you to capture something real and beautiful.

I alway just use available light and usually a 35mm 1.4 unless the room is very small then I use a 24mm 1.4

You have to fade into the background as best you can and always be respectful, it's their day, if they need a moment give them a moment.

The groomsmen photos are also fun to do, guys are always nervous but in a more hidden way to the girls. So by setting up some silly physical photos it helps them laugh and relax. I love this time because you can breath and creatively ease your way into the high speed the rest of the day will bring.

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