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Shooting Environmental portraits & Video

I've been working with Cristys' Hats recently doing some promo Videos and stills. Christys' is a fantastic hat making company based in Witney Oxfordshire, who have been making hats since 1773. The factory itself is fantastically noisy, steamy environment fantastic for photography.

I firstly set up some environmental portraits showcasing the highly skilled workers that work at Christys'

My choice of lens was the 35mm 1.4 it shows the scene but isolates the main subject due to it's shallow depth of field. I also used a smoke machine on some scenes and backlight just to add atmosphere and try to replicate the already smoky atmosphere.

I also shot some short promotional videos showing the process. For this I used mainly my 35mm 1.4 lens a 14-24mm 2.8 for tight above shots and a 105 2.8 macro for close details. I also used a 5500k video light to balance the scene.

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