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How I became a bell ringer for a morning?

So it's wedding season,I'm out and about checking out the light a setting of a church in Eynsham Oxford I have a wedding at later that year. Suddenly the priest comes over and introduces himself nice guy friendly enough. "Hope you don't mind me looking around your beautiful church" I say hoping to get him on side so I can gain his trust for the big day ( exploit our new friendship and get some great angles for photos on the day without pissing him off 😉) "no no that's absolutely fine so pleased you like it. I see your a pro photographer how fascinating" he says "yes I'm doing a wedding here soon just wanted to get my bearings and discuss with you the do's and don'ts 😉) I say " well that's very kind of you most photographers just barge in and get in everyone's way very Annoying " he says with a slight hint of holy anger " how rude I would never do that " I replied ( yeah yeah I know). Anyway the guy's quite taken with me and calls his assistant to give me the royal tour of his church. So this chap shows me round then suddenly stops and says " would you like to go somewhere that's out of bounds to the public" I'm thinking shit my dinner will be ready soon, but he looks keen " fantastic yes please " so he opens this little door and leads me up this very narrow winding staircase. Up and up we go I'm thinking ( shit human sacrifice) then I suddenly I hear the clanging of church bells and it's very loud. He then gets to a small doors and opens it. Wow inside I'm faced with 5-6 men and women swinging up and down on ropes it's glorious. So I get my camera out and start snapping away loving every minute. And it gets better when they stop they invite me to have ago "ummmmm alright then" I spluttered. I took hold of the rope and felt at one with it and god, the music I produced made angels cry. I toured the world and became a legend of the bell. Not exactly true I was shit but it was a right laugh. When I got home Lizzie said " your late what have you been doing " I reply " well......................."

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