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Photo shoot disaster 😱

Sometimes even the best laid plans can go completely tits up. Myself and Chloe had been planning a photo shoot for quite a while but on the day we arrived at the venue but it was unusable. If I have photographed your wedding you will know Chloe she assists me on the day. Me and Chloe are creative outlaws who have done some crazy shoots in the name of art. One time I dressed her as an angel and put her on a train track at 5am in December -5c crazy stupid but the photos were great.

Anyway back to the shoot, we decided to try something else, seemed a shame to waste the night. We landed up in a large open field in Bladon the light looked good, great let's go for it. I set up some lights Chloe gets in position but then a farmer decides to plough the field and is heading straight for us. So we move the gear quickly and rethink. There's a spot at the edge of the field that might work so we set up there. It looks good, I take a few test shots lets go 📸❤️ . I take two photos then suddenly the heavens open hard noooooo! We should call it a day but no this is me and Chloe, we cover the lights in plastic and go for it. The flash trigger soon dies it's not made for these conditions but that's the least of my problems. The farmer and plough are heading towards all my camera gear at the edge of the field. I panic run like a maniac shouting "stop stop" he can't hear "STOP STOP" I scream then slip on the wet grass and slide 30 feet into a wet bush of stinging nettles. He see's me stops looks at me like I'm completely mental and turns his tractor and driver off. Chloe's soaking wet I'm drenched and bruised it time to call it a day.

Next day I check our photos was to deflated the night before, to my surprise they are pretty good. So sometimes it is worth putting yourself out there you never know what you might create.

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