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The power of the 70-200 2.8 for landscapes.

I found it very easy to get into the trap of always shooting landscapes with a wide-angle lens, and for good reason big vistas are very impressive. But sometimes a wide-angle lens can push the scene to

far in the distance and lose it's interest, unless you have some point of interest closer to the camera

to give the photo depth. Thats where using the longer zoom lens helps. I use my 70-200 2.8 lens for

portraits all the time, it's quality is to isolate the subject from the background and compress the background so it appears closer to the subject, heres an example below.

So what if you take that information and use it in landscapes? well the same happens it compresses a scene and gives it a 3 dimensional look. Below are some resent images taken on a 70-200mm at the 200 end of the scale at f4 to isolate the foreground from the background.

To all pro photographers out there yes I know you already know this. But to everyone else its something you may want to incorporate into your photography.

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